CACI Honors BEYA 2023 Awardees

Thirteen CACI employees were honored at the 37th annual Global Competitiveness Conference for the Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA). BEYA Awardees received much-deserved recognition not only for excelling in their fields but working to support the next generation of STEM leaders. 

Meet The Recipients

Dr. Lewis Pate
Community Service Award Winner
Dr. Lewis Pate is an enterprise solutions architect and cyber lead on a CACI contract that provides network services to engineer, implement, maintain, and enhance the capabilities of U.S. Air Forces Central (USAFCENT) networks in support of our nation’s global objectives. Lewis and his team assist the government in monitoring for and assessing cyber anomalies within their area of responsibility.  

Lewis, a military veteran, is passionate about opening doors in STEM for underrepresented communities through volunteering and mentoring via organizations such as the International Consortium of Minority Cyber Professionals and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.    

Maurice Craft
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner

 Maurice Craft is a systems engineering manager who leads development, maintenance, and sustainment teams for classified Weapons & Space Modernization Systems, as well as efforts to implement, manage, and maintain network security initiatives for federal customers.  

He teaches 3000 level Systems Engineering courses in support of the Cryptologic Analyst Instruction Program for the Associate Directorate for Education and Training. Maurice is also a role model who mentors grade school students and frequently gives motivational talks.    
Jason Grimes
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Jason Grimes is a senior engineer working to enhance CACI’s electronic warfare and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.  

Jason’s accomplishments include helping develop novel precision geolocation technology that combines data products from multiple systems to produce enhanced intelligence information for Special Operations Forces at the tactical edge. He is a mentor to junior engineers, modeling how to be an ideal team-driven technical professional.  

Russell Hobbs
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Russell Hobbs was a systems engineer who dedicated his career to improving technology to enhance our country’s security. Earlier in his career, Russell was a test engineer who wrote the book on satellite communications and operations to train real-time operators; he was later promoted to conduct satellite operations and went onto many more national security projects after that.  

A hands-on leader, Russell once saved the life of a team member while working in the field. Known as Professor Hobbs by his colleagues because of his vast knowledge, Russell received numerous awards for his outstanding achievements, excellent performance, and engineering contributions to our nation’s defense.

He passed away last year after facing several health challenges, but he continued to work through hospitalizations and ongoing treatments and continued to be one of CACI’s top performers. 
Dominique Holomon
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Dominique Holomon’s 25 years in IT began when she was a computer operator in the U.S. Air Force. She continues to serve her country at CACI as a systems administration manager, spearheading a team charged with maintaining domain controllers for a 6,000-member global classified weapon system that provides actionable intelligence to combatant commanders and mission partners worldwide.  

She is a respected expert among her peers, a mentor to those she leads, and a trusted advisor and role model to populations underrepresented in STEM; she’s the epitome of an IT leader! 

Keith Honore
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Keith Honore is a lead systems engineer responsible for CACI’s VoIP-related engineering modifications that will provide secure, unclassified capabilities to meet company objectives. He is a key part of CACI’s goal to provide a reliable, scalable, readily available, cost-effective corporate IT infrastructure with exceptional customer service.  

Keith has worked at CACI for 26 years, and during his tenure, he has remained engaged and active within his local community, including serving as the basketball coach for his alma mater, Potomac (Va) High School.  

Laronda Lee
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Laronda Lee, a cyber security manager with 20 years of IT experience, serves as the cybersecurity lead supporting a $140 million IT program for the U.S. Department of the Navy (DoN). Her expertise was essential as she led the team when faced with significant technical challenges.

Laronda singlehandedly developed a hyper-streamlined process that resulted in 100% Assessment and Authorization compliance and the identification of many potential security vulnerabilities, earning her the respect of CACI's DoN customer and colleagues.  
ShaLaka Moton
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
ShaLaka Moton is a cyber security analyst who is responsible for deterring, detecting, and mitigating insider threats, including safeguarding classified information from exploitation, compromise, or other unauthorized disclosure.  

ShaLaka, who was recently recognized by the director of the National Insider Threat Task Force for achieving full operating capability for her team's establishment of a proactive insider threat program, has trained civilian and military leaders and educated them about various potential insider threat indicators.  

Marshall Pearson
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Marshall Pearson is a senior systems engineer and subject matter expert (SME) in the command, control, communication, computers, and intelligence, as well as hull, mechanical, and electrical disciplines. As a technical point of contact, he provides consultation to U.S. Navy and civilian system engineering managers to identify, adjudicate, and mitigate technical issues. 

As a Navy veteran, Marshall was the lead SME engineer and key stakeholder for the USS Gerald R. Ford, a first-of-class nuclear aircraft carrier that made its maiden deployment in October 2022.   
Avezou Petit-Frere
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Avezou Petit-Frere is a senior software engineer responsible, in part, for designing, developing, testing, and deploying one of CACI's Android mobile app companions for a major electronic warfare product line. He has designed many innovative features that sets CACI products apart.  
Avezou mentors, coaches, and instills his passion for STEM by dedicating his time to teaching, conducting demos, speaking, and supporting students.  

Anthony Robinson
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Anthony Robinson, a lead engineering project manager, has supported a U.S. Navy contract since 1997. Over his career, he has helped the Navy design, develop, and acquire two dozen classes of ships, boats, and crafts, ranging from yard patrol boats at the U.S. Naval Academy to lead ships like the USNS John Lewis.  

In addition, he has performed overall ship design analysis, written ship requirement documents, and worked in the field on service life extension programs. Anthony mentors a group of engineers, within and outside of CACI.  
Alise Smith
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Alise Smith, an operations integration manager, works on CACI’s Border Enforcement Applications for Government Leading-Edge (BEAGLE) IT contract as a project lead for the Seized Assets and Case Management System, which represents a complex Agile at scale development effort with a team of more than 70 people organized across multiple Agile scrum teams. Under Alise’s leadership, the system delivered a facial biometric capability that will significantly streamline CBP officer processing times.  

Alise is respected by her peers for her technical contributions, communication skills, strong work ethic, commitment to being a true servant leader, and giving back to help develop others.  

Seth Wooten
Outstanding Achievement Award Winner
Seth Wooten is a software engineering manager who was among the original CACI team tasked with developing CORIAN Tactical, a commercial counter-unmanned aerial system product that was successfully demonstrated in Spring 2022. Seth led the principal technology demonstration effort.  

During Seth's career, he has shown an aptitude for adapting modern industry technologies, tools, processes, practices, and philosophies into CACI solutions and products. People who work under Seth receive guidance, direction, and positive reinforcement in support of their own career development. 

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