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​​​​​​​CMO CACI Kit?

What's the Cyber Missions Operation (CMO) Kit?The CMO CACI kit is a single-board computer starter kit (RPI, sd card, case, breadboard, jumper wires, LED, etc.), an Alfa card (capable of Wi-Fi packet capture and injection, used for wireless pentesting), and an ethernet cable. 

The purpose of the CMO CACI Kit is to:
  • Give students the opportunity to generate ideas, make them a reality, and improve upon cyber security skills.
  • Provide students with the resources needed to learn relevant skills (networking, programming, troubleshooting) and build impressive projects.
  • Translate projects and skills into concepts that students can discuss in interviews.
  • Drive creative thinking, tinkering, and application of cyber projects outside of the classroom.

#CMOCACIKIT in Action:

"We have got the CANAKIT with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ up and running the RPi OS. We explored the Linux terminal and have used the terminal to get the updates and install them. My students have also explored Python coding by using the breadboard to connect an LED, resistors, and correct wiring to make the LED turn on and off.
The students were able to use and understand the GPIO and ribbon connection with the breadboard.
One of the Python codes is activated using the push button switch to display a message. 

- (DCC/High School Program Instructor;
Danville Community College)
        Use: Fully Functioning Gaming System
 "By using the raspberry pi as the operating system, I used a USB/HDMI capture device to directly connect to an Android tablet. The tablet operates using an app known as USB Camera, it takes the captured Raspberry footage and displays it using the USB connection. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Bluetooth capabilities, I can use wireless controllers to simulate an experience like that of a Nintendo Switch. I use a strong power bank to both supply the tablet and the raspberry pi with power, and to ensure ease of portability."

-Brad M.
 (Student; New River Community College)
Use: Rogue Access Point to Sniff User Traffic
 "Receiving the CMO CACI Kit was a great opportunity for the Cybersecurity Club and I am grateful. Learning how to use Raspberry Pis, wireless networks, and breadboards in a group was an outstanding experience. I feel we got to learn a lot with the kit and I hope next school year the club continues to work on it for semesters to come."

-Cooper V.
(Cyber Club President; Laurel Ridge Community College)
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