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(Special Operations and Asymmetric Solutions Division)

Invent Your Future with a mission-focused team.

The Mission:
Providing deliberately selected, highly-skilled professionals who support the Department of Defense, U.S Government and interagency mission partners to protect the United States, its partners and its interests against conventional and asymmetric threats.

Our Impact:
As part of CACI's OSS offerings, CACI-SOAS provides services including special operations, intelligence analysis, threat assessment and mitigation, training sensitive activities support, and high-priority mission services requiring a high degree of domain expertise. SOAS also applies CACI's Tradecraft Tailored to Operations (T3O) Framework to provide mission-focused staffing and skill sustainment. 

Why Work With Us:
As the premier provider of Special Operations capabilities, Tactical Advisory and Embedded Support, Intelligence Applications to Law Enforcement, Security Cooperation, and OCONUS Training Support Delivery for the Company, CACI-SOAS has a reputation for uncompromising standards of quality in its people and its performance.

CACI-SOAS's mission places its personnel against the government's most critical emerging challenges. Work with us, and you'll be working with a team that makes a difference across the globe.


Join Our Team! 

Candidates for employment must pass a deliberate, behavioral science-based assessment and selection screening, powered by a resume-free web-based application. This initial step is followed by a series of competency-based screenings and interviews with company leaders and subject matter experts. .

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