Diversity & Inclusion

We Embrace Each Other's Uniqueness

Who we are now, what our experiences have been, and how we think forward are what make each of us unique. When we embrace and value each individual's unique qualities, experiences, and cultures, we build an inclusive, collaborative environment that benefits our employees and communities and helps drive innovation and growth. By leveraging different perspectives we develop the best solutions for our clients. 

Our D&I Mission Statement:
Be the place where people from different backgrounds, unique capabilities and talents work collaboratively and passionately to drive the future of national security. 

CACI D&I Resources
CACI values everyone’s unique contributions that they bring to our company, and to our customers - every day. Having a diverse workforce enables us to approach problems from a variety of perspectives and CACI is dedicated to offering the best Diversity and Inclusion resources to employees at all levels.

We offer D&I dialogues, multiple courses, and books on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.  The education efforts are cascaded throughout the organization and are embedded in our employee training programs to highlight the role that all employees have in advancing an inclusive workplace.

These programs enable employees and leaders to better understand their own worldviews, gain others' perspectives, challenge their assumptions, and learn to work effectively across diverse groups - all critical in building an environment where all our employees feel respected and appreciated, regardless of their background. 

Our Employee Resource Groups create a sense of "one community," where our employees have an opportuntity to develop their leadership skills, collaborate across the organization, provide support to each other, give back to our communities, and make a real difference. 
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