Early Careers
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Embrace your limitless potential.
When you join CACI, your educational journey is just beginning! CACI will propel you into different industries and environments – all in support of our customers to meet their greatest enterprise and mission challenges in national security and government modernization. We’re committed to ethics and integrity in everything we do as we deliver distinctive expertise and technical innovation. Our continued growth allows employees to take on rewarding work that aligns with their skills today and ambitions for tomorrow. No matter your area of study, we're committed to your professional development and providing an unforgettable experience as you begin your career.  

CACI's year-round internship program is designed to allow all interns to receive the same meaningful experience full-time employees receive at CACI while focusing on key areas of interest. 
Early Careers
If you're a recent graduate, there's no better place to start your career than CACI. We'll help you break through your career and expand your expertise across a broad spectrum of skills.
At CACI, you can expect...

Your potential is limitless. So is ours.
See what our interns have to say...

Our Mission 

"CACI is a great place to work because of the mission. The work supports our country - solving big problems, keeping our country safe, and swiftly defeating threats to our freedom. It is reassuring to know you are helping millions of people and working with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet."
- Jared | Computer Science Intern
Our Support
"I am someone with a curious mind and I love that my project leader always has office hours to help me. I also like how CACI focuses on educating interns rather than giving them busy work. I love attending the intern seminars and weekly staff meetings to get a feel what it's actually like in the workforce."
- Carrie | Management Intern
Our Inclusivity

"The inclusivity and diversity of the teams is what I like most about CACI. Many people that I have worked with come from various professional backgrounds. Each developer specialized on certain areas of the product and learning more about their involvement served as a great learning experience."

- Woon Gi | Software Dev. Intern
Our Collaboration

"CACI internships are engaging, personal,  and opportunistic. My favorite part about being an intern at CACI is the opportunity to connect with various employees from different departments that have workplace experience and advice for me in my future endeavors."

- Haley | Recruitment Marketing Intern
Our Interaction

"My favorite part about having interned at CACI was the environment and the people I got to work with day to day. Everyone I worked with or interacted with were an absolute pleasure! I felt like my managers cared about my success throughout my internship and my future."

​​- Daniel | Cyber Engineering Intern

Our Knowledge

"Working for CACI has given me hands on knowledge about government contracting, licensing agreements, software amd IP law, accounting, and many other areas of knowledge that will prove to be incredibly valuable throughout my career." 

​​- Steven | Contracts Intern

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