Employee Experience

Your Work Recognized 

CACI is proud to have a culture supportive of employee recognition and career development. We want our employees to feel empowered to make strides throughout their career journey. Our internal programs empower and recognize employees for their achievements and career ambitions. 

CACI Champions Program
The CACI Champions Program recognizes outstanding employees and teams for their excellence in sales, proposals, project delivery, technical capabilities, character, and business ethics. This program embodies our corporate culture and reflects our ongoing commitment of ensuring that our dedicated employees receive recognition for their performance, character, innovation, and commitment.

The growth and development of our employees is a top priority. Touchpoints provides a multitude of benefits to both employees and managers. Regular one-on-one time to discuss employee contributions, aspirations, and support areas is valuable for our employees, managers, and teams. 

Our employees deserve an effective performance management model that establishes transparent expectations, rewards accomplishments, and facilitates an ongoing exchange of feedback to support their continuous growth and success. Touchpoints does just that by encouraging communication around our employees' career, goals, accomplishments, development, and performance. 
Employee Referral Program
Our Empoyee Referral Program allows our employees to connect, refer, and bring great people together at CACI. Plus, it pays to know great people! Employees are recognized for their connections with competitive referral bonuses. In addition, we run internal referral contests offering employees a chance to win increased incentives and paid time off throughout the year. CACI's referral network adds tremendous value to our workforce, and in turn, we recognize and support these valued connections.