(Joint Counterintelligence Training Activity)

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Invent Your Future protecting our nation from adversarial threats. 

The Mission:
JCITA's mission is to provide the U.S. Government with a well-trained and knowledgeable cadre of counterintelligence (CI) practitioners to combat adversarial intelligence threats. 

Our Impact:
The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Joint Counterintelligence Training Activity (JCITA) program is the crown jewel of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) enterprise in enabling CI personnel in their mission of protecting our nation from adversarial threats. CI Agents' abilities to counter espionage, terrorism, and insider threats hinge upon JCITA's advanced CI training. 

From its inception, the JCITA Instructor program has grown and evolved well past the original vision. Changes in the CI landscape have necessitated the support of an agile, innovative team, and a solid business partner in CACI, to ensure the program continues to deliver the quantity and quality of training for a successful DoD CI Program.

Since 2008, CACI (through acquisitions of Harding Security Services, Inc. and Six3 Intelligence Solutions, Inc.) has facilitated the evolution of the JCITA Instructor program as a partner meeting and exceeding program requirements. 

Why Work With Us:
 JCITA provides a full spectrum of joint and advanced counterintelligence (CI) training, which includes CI operations, collections, investigations, functional services and analysis. JCITA is accredited under the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and adheres to COE standards. JCITA offers in-residence courses, mobile training teams, and distance/distributed learning opportunities; courses include rigorous student assessments to meet strict instructional design standards.