NASA Jobs in Human Spaceflight

Invent Your Future providing innovative engineering and software solutions to NASA.

The Mission:
To develop innovative engineering solutions and create complex software technologies and applications that support NASA human spaceflight systems and programs. 

Our Impact:
CACI engineers and computer scientists support development of spacecraft systems and software that enable safe and successful crewed spaceflight missions... to Earth orbit, to the Moon, and to Mars. 

Why Work With Us:We are passionate about our nation's exploration of space and are deeply committed to the excellence of every contribution, the success of every project, and the growth of each individual. CACI has a legacy of supporting NASA human space flight since development of the Space Shuttle in the 1970s and has contributed to every major crewed program since including the international Space Station, Orion, Commercial Crew, Artemis, and Lunar Gateway.

​​​​​​​As a member of this highly regarded team, you'll be counted on to make a difference in humankind's journey to the stars. Come join us! 

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