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Invent Your Future providing innovative and unrivaled defense intelligence capabilities in support of the U.S. Navy.

The Mission:
CACI Electronic Warfare and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Division's Navy Surface Program delivers advanced technical services to develop multi-int distributed operation solutions to the Battlespace Awareness and Information Operations Program Office to assist the Navy in achieving electronic warfare overmatch. 

Our Impact: 
Our team creates solutions that enable the interoperability of existing naval EW/ISR systems. Our team also develops leading-edge electronic warfare capabilities that preserve the investment of the past while building towards a future technical overmatch. These solutions enable the Navy to identify threats to warfighters and then take appropriate actions to ensure their safety and accomplish their mission. 
Why Work With Us:
1. We're committed to lifelong learning - Our people are the key to our success, and their skills and knowledge are crucial to helping us achieve our strategy. As a result, we invest in their continuous development! Our projects vary drastically across applications, so diversity of work allows for exciting challenges and constant learning.

2. We'll help you advance in your career - We embrace an enterprise-wide career mobility culture that encourages professional growth at all levels. Our industry is ever-evolving, and those who stretch themselves continually learn and grow throughout their careers. 

3. We provide impactful work- We are warfighter focused. Our goal is to ensure those willing to defend our country and way of life receive the most advanced and capable solutions in the world. This ensures our military's ability to preserve peace and ensure global prosperity. Being part of our team, your work will directly contribute to these solutions and help us ensure our warfighters never go into a conflict with a capability deficit. 

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