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Growing from its Bell Labs roots, LGS is the successor to the former Lucent Government Solutions business unit LGS was acquired by CACI in March of 2019, and is now proud to be a part of CACI’s Ever Vigilant team dedicated to meeting our nation’s most critical missions in photonic technology and free-space optical (FSO) laser communications. 

The Mission:
For more than 20 years, CACI Photonics has been delivering technology solutions in support of U.S. Government applications that include Free Space Optical (FSO) communications, long-range optical sensing, and RF Photonics. Our multi-disciplinary team of physicists, material scientists, and optical, electrical, software, and mechanical engineers offer deep expertise on high-performance, high-power, high-reliability optical systems for land, air, and space environments. We’re helping NASA create high-definition video communications for the International Space Station, helping explore asteroids 250 million miles away, and also supporting critical U.S. national defense missions. Our photonic solutions help scientists discover biohazards, and support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions world-wide. 

Our Impact:
We are changing the technical landscape. We break technical barriers and challenge the status quo! Some of the main application areas we focus on include:

  • Free Space Optical Communications: We have extensive technical expertise in the areas of high-power optical amplifiers, modems, terminals, and end-to-end systems for free-space optical communication systems in space and other challenging environments. 
  • Remote Optical Sensing: We develop and deliver custom laser transmitters for LIDAR, remote chemical-sensing, targeting, and other high-power laser applications!
  • Optical Signal Processing: Our technology enables optical-domain signal processing in custom, photonic-integrated-circuits, and nonlinear optical fibers for both digital and RF analog applications.

Why Work With Us:
When you join the Photonics team, you will work on multiple facets of exploiting the generation, detection, and modulation of light for imaging, advanced communications, and sensing systems. You might find yourself designing custom optical fibers, new lasers and amplifiers, high-speed optical transmitters, and ultra-sensitive receivers, or integrated optical circuits. It takes a creative, technical, and dedicated individual to think outside the box as we discover new laser technologies!

The sky is not the limit when you join us! Our entrepreneurial environment fosters your best ideas and allows you to build your career to fit your creativity. We’re always looking for the best and brightest to join our ranks and share the fun.


Hiring Events & Latest News:

CACI Announces Successful Demonstration of Optical Intersatellite Links  in Low Earth Orbit
CACI Announces Delivery of a
Free-Space Optical
Modem as part of ILLUMA Program for NASA.

CACI Acquires SA Photonics Inc., a Leading Provider of Photonics Tech for FSO Communications
CACI Announces Operation of Laser Communications Transmitter Designed for NASA Deep Space Mission
CACI Wins U.S. Air Force Research Lab Contract to Develop Multi-Spectral Laser Prototype

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