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Invent Your Future with a winning proposal team.  

The Mission:
CACI’s Proposal Operations organization is a centralized, corporate talent-base responsible for designing, evolving, managing, and executing CACI’s established proposal best practices, in support of the entire business development landscape and lifecycle.

Our Impact:
Proposal Operations supports pursuits of all values across all CACI business sectors to best position us to win. We employ a diverse group of proposal professionals and promote a model proposal environment that benefits CACI proposals and our personnel.

Why Work With Us:
We're committed to lifelong learning 
Our people are the key to our success, and their skills and knowledge are crucial to helping us achieve our strategy. As a result, we invest in their continuous development!

We'll help you advance in your career
We embrace an enterprise-wide career mobility culture that encourages professional growth at all levels. Our industry is ever-evolving, and those who stretch themselves continually learn and grow throughout their careers.

We recognize your hard work
We're proud to have a culture supportive of employee recognition and career development. We want our employees to feel empowered to make strides throughout their career journey. Our internal programs empower and recognize employees for their achievements and career ambitions.

CACI is hiring Proposal Operations Professionals!

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