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Hiring veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserves, and military spouses has been a long-standing part of CACI culture. We are committed to supporting these members of the military community because of the great value they bring to the company and our national security customers. We invite them to continue their mission at CACI by offering meaningful job opportunities in fields closely aligned with their military occupational specialties (MOS).
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our SkillBridge internship program 

Denyse G.
(Air Force Veteran)

SkillBridge Internship
Program Lead
"CACI decided to become an industry employer partner of the DoD SkillBridge program because it makes perfect sense. Not only has it proven to be an effective talent pipeline for the company, but it provides invaluable corporate exposure and experiences to interning service members in transition."
Joey J.
(Army Veteran & SkillBridge internship alumnus)

Project Manager
"I selected CACI for both my internship and career because of their approach to teammates and coworkers. CACI values its people and more importantly, invests in them.  I anticipated that transitioning from a family (active military), where culture is built around caring for one another to an unknown company (for me) would be difficult, stressful, lacking purpose— I was wrong!  CACI is my new 'family' and I'm proud to be part of it!"
Linette B.
(Air Force Veteran & SkillBridge internship sponsor)

Director of International
Business Operations 
"CACI's internship program is beneficial for service members because it allows them to trial their skills and see if they fit the company culture. It's a try before you buy scenario both for CACI and the service member. Also, if there is a direct career opportunity available, the program is able to spin up the future employee faster which makes them more productive from day one. "
Roberto C.
(Army Veteran & SkillBridge internship alumnus)
Technical Project Manager
"I decided to join CACI after they executed the IPPS-A project for the Army- a large enterprise transformation for how the Army does personnel actions and their pay system. My CACI SkillBridge internship helped me validate my perspective on what government contracting does and how my knowledge, skills, and experience align with the industry. " 
Steve O.
(Army Veteran & SkillBridge internship alumnus)

Technical Project Manager
"I applied to CACI because two of my former Army colleagues worked here and spoke highly of the company and the EITaaS program. CACI's SkillBridge internship program opened doors that I don't feel would have been open otherwise. It gave me a window into how CACI operates and what a great company it is." 

Veteran employee success stories, totaling more than 100 years of military service

Command Sgt. Maj.
William F. Thetford U.S. Army (Ret.)
Command Sgt. Maj. Bill Thetford, U.S. Army (Ret.) led an exceptional military career in which he dedicated over 35 years to Special Operations and played a pivotal role in the Battle of Mogadishu. He continues to lead his team by example in his current role at CACI, advancing the Army Special Operation Command mission with his strategic vision and drive.
Maj. Gen. Gary Patton, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Following his 35 years of noble service, Maj. Gen. Gary Patton, U.S. Army (Ret.) was drawn to CACI’s unwavering commitment, honor, and integrity. Today, he continues his mission as Vice President of Veterans and Military Affairs, helping former service members like him transition to fulfilling CACI careers that provide boundless opportunities.
Lt. Gen. Michael Nagata. Army (Ret.)
Lt. Gen. Michael Nagata, Army (Ret.) led a remarkable 38-year-long military career, most of which was spent in Special Operations. Today, he serves as a Strategic Advisor and Senior Vice President at CACI, supporting our corporate strategy and investing ahead of our customers’ needs.
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